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Wordscapes is one of the best word puzzle games around the world. It’s very relaxing, and a very challenging game, to swipe around and form up words. They have nearly 5000+ different levels of puzzles, though it seems to be easy. Also at each level, you’ll be given a bunch of jumbled letters, in that you have to form meaningful words. They have added a weekly wordscapes tournament, to add some fun.

Also, refer here for wordscapes puzzle answers if you got stuck at any hard level.

Rules of Wordscapes Tournament

Wordscapes tournaments are much simpler I’m both approach and presentation. If you are wondering about how the Wordscape tournaments work and their rules. You have to keep playing the game like how you always do.

Every weekend there goes two tournaments with amazing prizes:

  • Team Tournaments
  • Star Tournament

Team Tournaments

In Team Tournaments, your team as a cumulative whole is competing against other teams.

  • You can enter the weekly Team Tournament, by tapping on the “Trophy” icon labeled as Tourney below the “Star” icon on your main screen left side.
  • Before entering a Team Tournament, you have to first join a wordscapes team. You can choose the team by taping the “Team” icon at the bottom of your main screen.
  • Play the game as you normally would. The stars you earn for forming words contribute it to your team’s total.
  • Rewards will be given to the Top-performing teams, which are then dived equally among the team members.

Star Tournaments

Wordscapes Star Tournaments, work in the same way as Team Tournament, but you play individually in the tournaments.

  • By tapping on the “Star” icon, you can enter into the weekly star tournament.
  • You can play Wordscapes the way you normally would after you opt into the tournament.
  • The game randomly assigns you to a group of 100 players.
  • Every word you form at a regular level, you earn a star whether it’s a puzzle or just a “bonus” word.
  • At the end of the tournament, players with most stars get the rewards based on the place in the standings.

Wordscapes Tournament Prizes

  • Gold coins give you in-game power-ups, like a lightbulb and the bullseye for revealing a single letter.
  • Silver crowns are awarded only during the tournaments and serve as a “Bragging rights”. The more crown you get, the more elaborate your crown becomes.

Prizes will vary from week to week. For example, a winner who comes in the first place in the star tournament 89he/she will receive 50 silver crowns and a 1000 gold coins. Even though if you come in 30+ places, you can still earn the silver crown, even if you didn’t get any gold coins.

Final Words

Wordscapes is one of the top best puzzle game of the year. If you are a puzzle lover, then there is no other reason for not playing this game. If you are looking for solving the hard levels answers, then the websites mentioned above will help you out.

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