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The Internet is no longer the Wild West it used to be, and today, There is a new Sheriff in town! and a lot of identity thieves as well as hackers and Spammers. They are all watching your online moves and recording every bit sent or received by your laptop, your tablet and even your phone. Don’t believe the new Sherif is here to protect your privacy, no! He is here to keep an eye on YOU! and easily catch you when you do something against his rules.

With your online privacy at stake, and more and more of content channels and good websites getting geographically restricted, the need for VPN solutions is becoming a serious point to think about for your online life activity and especially for your kids and family.

With so many VPN providers on this Wild Wide Web with a lot of false claims and scammers, you will find it hard to get to the good guys who care about your privacy. You don’t have to worry about this, we did the hard work for you. Starting from a list of hundreds of VPN providers, we succeeded to find the TOP 3 VPN providers in the world, the best of the bests VPN companies in 2019.

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What is a VPN connection

I’m sure you already have an idea about VPN connections, but let’s just make sure it is the good one.

Without a VPN : when you connect your phone, tablet, or PC to the internet and start browsing, chatting, watching, etc, you are directly connected to the World Wide Web and your ISP is spying on you and recording every click you did out there, and giving your information to any third party asking to know about you.

Now with a VPN in place: you are not directly connected to the World Wide Web, but only to the VPN server, which will do all the browsing, messaging, Youtubing (it could be a verb! lol) and any weird online things for you, on his name and address.

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