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An integral part of making something great is constant refinement. We launched GizmoCube back in June, 2012 with a simple goal: to provide a youth’s perspective on technology and culture. Previously we were using a pre-made WordPress theme which looked “copy-cat” to some other big tech news sites. We want to disassociate ourselves with that and move to something more focused on our quality content. As the brand continued the grow, it was obvious we need something custom made. Today, I’m excited to reveal the new GizmoCube.

While our previous layout was “responsive”, it had a fundamental flaw. It simply “squished” the sidebar and content to fit the smaller screens. While this was fine for text, it was terrible for images and especially ads (which couldn’t scale). This left the site occasionally “off-center”, and was overall a bad experience. Now the sidebar and menus consolidate to a drawer on smaller displays, and open up to full width. The end result is a design that looks beautiful across every device.


Retina compatible

High pixel density displays have exploded in the last year. What was once exclusive to smartphones is now on every device: laptops, televisions (4K), and tablets. Whether it’s a retina MacBook Pro, Surface, Galaxy SIV, or a 4K TV, GizmoCube is going to look spectacularly crisp and stunning. While the difference may be subtle, the overall experience is significantly better.



After listening to hours and hours of ATP and The Talk Show, I felt inspired to create my own podcast simply titled “GizmoCube“. I hope that this will serve as a unique show that provides a very different perspective on technology & culture through the eyes of a teenager. New episodes will be published every Wednesday.



While we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we put a lot of effort into providing you, the reader, with a genuinely better reading experience. The new GizmoCube makes indulging in content a lot more enjoyable. With a sleek responsive layout, retina compatibility, and a fresh new podcast in the works, we hope that you will appreciate the work that has been put in to set GizmoCube for success in 2013. Welcome aboard.

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