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Kodi is a powerful, free and opensource media player which works very well with almost all the devices. It allows you to play your favourite movies, music, TV shows, sports and lot more.

Kodi Builds

A Kodi build is essentially a preconfigured Kodi file that someone creates. They are usually installed through a repository. These builds install tons of addons into your Kodi program and preconfigure a lot of shortcuts to specific areas of addons. For more info about kodi builds, you can visit this website

Kodi Skins

Kodi Skin changes the way how your Kodi looks. It gives your Kodi a new skin where you can change colors, themes, position of the menu and so firth using a new Kodi Skin. By using the Kodi Skin, you can bring a new spark to your Kodi version with sparkling colors and a tremendous amount of customizable options.

Kodi Addons

Add-ons are packages that add features and functions not normally included with Kodi. Add-ons are developed by people on Team Kodi and third-parties. Kodi is one of the popular media streaming application for growing list of community driven add-ons for some of the online contents like YouTube, Hulu, Grooveshark, Pandora Radio as well as the skins (themes) and much more available from a common official repository, while enabling third-party developers to also host their own unofficial repositories for add-ons that any user can choose to add themselves if they like.

Difference between Kodi Builds and Kodi addons

What’s the difference and what is better? So you’ve installed Kodi and naturally you want to access some content right? Your options are to either install individual add-ons to match your need which is easy enough but can be time-consuming.

The alternative is to install a build, what is a build some of you may be asking? In a nutshell it the same as the Operating system on your PC, That’s windows for most of us. Now you may consider a new PC or laptop, notice how they come preconfigured with apps, games and software ready to use? Links and customization already present right? That’s pretty much what a custom Kodi build is. It is already configured and ready to go version of Kodi (sort of) Not only do builds have add-ons embedded inside, saving you the time of searching and manually installing them all, but most builds have a custom UI. Now I will say that’s not always a good thing, its matter of taste and preference, especially for You keen on your current setup, but 99% of the time the custom UI is surely much better than the default Kodi version.

Difference between Kodi Builds and Kodi Skins

A Kodi skin is a piece of software which makes your Kodi looks cool. By using Kodi Skins you can change or customize the items like menus, icons, images etc.

A Kodi Builds are already having pre-configured files which have been created by an individual user or by some community. If you are using a Kodi builds then you can have everything at one place like kodi add-ons, kodi skins, and lots more.


Here in this article, we can provide the difference between Kodi Builds, Kodi Skins, and Kodi Addons. If are having any queries, Kindly do let us know via comments.

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