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An integral part of making something great is constant refinement. We launched GizmoCube back in June, 2012 with a simple goal: to provide a youth’s perspective on technology and culture. Previously we were using a pre-made WordPress theme which looked “copy-cat” to some other big tech news sites. We want to disassociate ourselves with that and move to something more focused on our quality content. As the brand continued the grow, it was obvious we need something custom made. Today, I’m excited to reveal the new GizmoCube.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Samsung has just recently unveiled the new Galaxy S III Mini which is a down-sized and budget version of Samsung’s extremely famous Galaxy S III flagship. We initially expected the Mini to feature the same or similar specs seen in its older brother, but instead it looks as if Samsung has downgraded most of internals in an effort to reduce the cost. So, is the lower price worth it? Let’s check it out.

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