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Warframe nidus stacks

Nidus is one of the most likely Warframe Builds, which comes with various types of builds that can be used in different scenarios. Further, the Nidus features the passive ability Mutation stack. Are you wondering to build stacks with Nidus? Know how to get a stack with Nidus Warframe Powers by reading the article further.

How to build stacks with Nidus Warframe

Mutation Stacks are the resource that is unique to the Warframe Nidus. Stacks can be indicated by the mutation counter and gauge of the Warframe Nidus.

  • The gauge is splitter into five sections that represent the hit counters that are dealt against the enemies through the abilities of Nidus. The mutation counter at the center of the gauge will track the mutation stacks.
  • However, hiring one or more rivals with its abilities like Ravenous or Virulence will depend on the hit count of the gauge section and light up the clockwise direction.
  • A total of 5 hits will complete the gauge cycle, and the section has no light when the mutation counter increases by one mutation stack.
  • To increase the mutation stacks, ability contact is the essential thing. Hence, you don’t need to look for damage handling capability from the Nidus abilities.
  • The mutation stack of Nidus will be stored in your game until you use it. So, the stack will not disappear while migrating.
  • The nullifying ability like Nullifier Crewman from the enemies will drain one mutation stack for every two seconds and ramp up the drain rate when the Nidus survives longer in its radius.
  • Also, you can form or get a maximum of 100 stacks. Each stack roots to the gauge, which gradually overruns.
  • In case, if someone reaches 100 stacks, then the gauge will be overlapped, and the ability Virulence will hide the counter.
  • Instead of using energy, you can use some parasitic links to form one stack.
  • If you are losing or gaining a large number of mutation stack, the gauge sections change and make it more challenging to estimate the real count of the mutation. However, this can be bypassed rapidly by shifting to the operator and instantly refresh the stack count.

Do you know how the Nidus appearance changes when there is more number of stacks? Here, we briefly describe it to you.

With Nidus Base skin

  • If you have 3 stacks, tendrils will project from the Nidus upper spine and neck when the carapace around the nidus ribs will open.
  • If you have 5 to 7 stacks, the carapace around the Nidus arms and thighs will open to uncover more tendrils and infested flesh.
  • If you have 10 stacks, then the Nidus current helmet will show up and explores more tendrils.

With Nidus Phryke skin

  • At Stack 3, Nidus gains armor on his thighs and cage-like armor on his shoulder pad with the spike on its top.
  • At Stack 5, Nidus gains a large curved blade on its shoulder spike.
  • At Stack 7, the forearm of the Nidus is lined with the curved blade and enhances the larger spike.
  • At Stack 10, he gains crown visor on his face.

In case, if the Stack falls below the required trigger, then the appearance of the Nidus will avert to the appropriate stage.

Bottom lines

I hope you’ve gained some useful info about the mutation stack of the Nidus. If you require any further info about Nidus, leave a comment below. Build the Nidus stack and start playing your game and be a star in the battleground.

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